Awesome Window Treatment Ideas

There are some interesting trends that are making a statement of elegance, style, and freshness in interior design. More or fewer products have seen a strong comeback such as the plantation shutters.

window treatments

Nevertheless, there are also new ones that have been redesigned to deal your treatments the same functionality with a growth in smartness and fabric types, such as for roller shades.

Also, there are new arrivals to the playground, including the woven wooden shades, or bamboo shades which have already turned into very popular everywhere.

Plantation shutters

window shutters

These have been around for a while now and it seems they are here to stay. They give an air of unmatched elegance to your windows and your room due to the very smooth surfaces and the elliptical louvers which are way stronger than the flat louvers.

You can use them at the country side as well as in the city, they are suitable for anywhere. Also, they apt almost all window types included arch windows, which are usually so difficult to treat.

These shutters are available in various sizes, frames as well as locations of tilt. You can get them ‘as is’ or you can have them hand painted to match your room decor.

When you have some good quality plantation shutter you can be safe in knowing that you have just improved the value of your home, should you ever want or need to sell it?

Roller shades

Roller shades used to be dull and boring treatments that you have to work hard on raising the shades for your windows. Not many people used to like these.

Nowadays though there are some modern and upgraded shade types that are completely different from the old. They have sleek and elegant finishes with materials ranging from opaque, semi-opaque and also various metal types including bronze, brass and more.

They work by using a clutch and cord loop or even a cordless system that is easy to use in raising the shade very softly and easily.

Bamboo shades

Also called woven wood shades, bamboo shades are the more modern variety of window treatments and they are trendy this year. They are not entirely new but they haven’t really emerged until recently simply because people weren’t very sure how exactly to use them with their windows.

Now you can see professional designers who are introducing very modern looking lines of treatments of bamboo and woven wood in several qualities and designs. You can have a nice rustic and country look with warm and earthy tones that make the room quite inviting.

They are also perfect to blend in with any interior decoration you have at present in your room.

Cues From Nature

Another strong theme in window treatments continues to be the use of natural materials. This can range from bamboo curtain rods to red shades, even bamboo fabric home items.

Bamboo fabrics are showing up in clothing and in home furnishing lines, such as towels, blankets, and sheets. Wood elements are also showing up in decorative accessories and elements.

To bring a current twist to window treatments, try adding a small border of hand-carved wooden beads. This may be all it takes to make a window topper or panel feel more current.

Bold and Beautiful

window curtains

Strong patterns with bold color are another window trend that’s coming into fashion. Taking a bold pattern into a panel doesn’t make much sense, though, because the folds of the panel will make the bold pattern disappear.

To make the most of bold, bright patterns, apply the fabric to window shades set inside the window openings. These look especially good in rooms with little color or pattern going on because the strength of the pattern on the window really pops against the plain walls.

Or, apply a bold or busy pattern on a cornice – another window treatment that’s coming back into fashion again. Cornices allow for a big punch of color and texture without becoming a deluge.

Paired with simple panels, a brightly colored or bold patterned cornice will add real design zing to a dull window.

Touch of Luxury

The texture is also a key design trend in window fashions and luxury fabrics stand at the front of the line. Many are looking for privacy and old-fashion movie theater drama in their home theaters and velvet is a perfect choice.

The rich opulence of velvet is hard to beat except by one fabric and that fabric is silk. Nothing says richness like silk.

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