The Different Styles of Replacement Windows You Can Choose

Window is an important part of a house. Its main function is as an air ventilation and access for the light. Besides being able to affect the environment, it can influence the value of a house. So, it is important to choose the right one for your home. Ideally, most people usually choose their windows based on the style.

replacement windows

There are several different styles of windows you can learn first before installing any of them to your living place.

Single and Double-Hung Window

Double-hung window is a window that consists of two shutters, which are top and bottom. We usually open it by simply sliding the sash vertically up and down. We can open either the upper or lower one. Single-hung window is basically the same with the double type.

However, the only difference is that we can only operate the bottom sash, while the top one remains stationary.

Stationary Window

Stationary window is the type that you cannot open at all. This window only works as a light entrance, not air ventilation.

The good thing about this model is that you can customize it in any shape or angle you like. You even can install it on the corner of your house.

Picture Window

picture window

Picture window is quite similar with the stationary one. What makes them different is the size. The picture model is larger.

That allows you to get a big amount of light coming into your house. Moreover, you can see a better outdoor view with this window.

Casement Window

Casement window is a model that uses hinges for the operating mechanism. The hinges can be placed either on the left or right side of the window. This style enables you to open the window outward widely to have a better ventilation.

Awning Window

awning window

Awning window is another type which uses hinges for the mechanism. Unlike the casement model, this one is hinged at the top. When you open the window, it will move upward instead of to the side.

Most people use this type of window in their basement. Meanwhile, if the hinge is placed at the bottom, we call this type as hopper window.

Sliding Window

As you can guess by its name, we operate this window style by sliding one shutter to the side. Generally, this window must have at least one operating sash. But, you can also find one that allows you to operate both sashes.

Bay or Bow

bay window

Bay or bow window is quite different from the other models we have mentioned above. This one is designed in such way that they protrude out of the exterior of your house. That gives you a small space to place some decorations. Or, you can use the space for sitting too.

This window is usually a combination between stationary window and casement or double-hung windows.

There Are Many Styles of Replacement Windows

Those are all the different styles of windows you need to know. You can choose the most suitable one for your home. Besides the style, you must not forget other factors too such as the size, shape, or material. Knowing all of them aims to give a proper environment inside your house.

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